Student Wellbeing During Remote Learning

At Faith, the everyday interactions and conversations between staff and students provides genuine and caring support. We have designed our school in this way, and it is no small thing that our staff are committed to supporting your child through the routines of everyday interactions. As staff continue to reach out to your child through learning activities, online catch ups and video links please encourage your child to stay engaged and in regular contact with their teachers.

Putting in place healthy routines such as waking up and having breakfast at the same time each day should not be underestimated. A little exercise each day and some screen-free time for a few hours each day are also important. Take some time as a family to set up some routines that work for you and that can support a healthy balance. Once the remote learning begins sit down once a week and review what is working or not working for your family. There is no one-size-fits-all model for what is happening right now.Find what works for you.

To support students and families during this time of remote learning we encourage parents to access the following resources.These resources will provide parents and students with the type of advice that our pastoral care staff apply in a regular day to day setting.

-Need some advice about your child being online? Try ‘Tech talk Tuesdays’ - a weekly blog from Dr Delaney Ruston
-Advice from one of Australia’s most respected and popular parenting authors and speakers Dr Justin Coulson
-Advice and activities to support social, emotional and academic growth from Counsellor Keri
-Parenting ideas and making decisions with confidence.Michelle Mitchell has a great blog that will provide great support for families

We care about your child and are here to support you through this time of remote learning.

During remote learning the College will attempt to keep up its normal pastoral care structures. So please initially contact your child's subject teacher or pastoral care teacher for support. Then if you require additional support or advice about a student wellbeing issue past this please contact one of the following:

Miss Kelli Wahry (Year 7 Coordinator) –

Mrs Kelly Sayer (Year 8-10 Coordinator) –

Miss Carly Brooks (Year 11-12 Coordinator) –

Mr Tony Longmire (Deputy Head of Secondary Wellbeing –

Mr Stuart Needham (Head of Secondary) –