Yr 7-9

In the Middle School at Faith, we work with the needs of the adolescent in mind. As parents and teachers, it is important for us to accept that adolescents see things differently to us and have more emotional responses to every day occurrences. The staff is committed to providing a supportive and caring environment, where we can provide the right kinds of opportunities for our students to develop academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Much research has been completed on the specific area of the needs of adolescents and a major finding is that there are 8 particular areas that we need to focus on:-


Exploring how individual and group identities are shaped by social and cultural groups.


Developing productive and affirming relationships with adults and peers in an environment that respects difference and diversity.


Having opportunities to negotiate learning that is useful now, as well as in the future.


Viewing the world critically and acting independently, cooperatively and responsibly.


Having multiple opportunities to learn valued knowledge and skills as well as the opportunity to use talents and expertise that students bring to the learning environment.


Taking on realistic learning challenges in an environment characterised by high expectations and constructive and honest feedback.


Learning in a safe, caring and stimulating environment that addresses issues of discrimination and harassment (eg racism).

SOURCE: "Shaping Middle Schooling in Australia" A report of the National Middle Schooling Project prepared by Robyn Barratt ACSA 1998

We recognise that in working with adolescents, we need to give them opportunities to develop leadership skills, a strong work ethic, personal organisational skills, opportunities for healthy physical growth, spiritual growth and appropriate social skills.

Another driving force for us in the Middle School, is to ensure that we provide the right kinds of opportunities to help each student reach their potential in developing life long skills, in order for them to have success out there in the real world. We call these attributes:-

Life-Long Qualities

Lutheran Education - Queensland have developed these attributes to describe the qualities and characteristics, which schools, through their curriculum, aim to nurture within each student. Such qualities will well serve the student as he / she moves from the school either into another educational institution or into the wider community. They are attributes which will serve the person long after the detail of what was learnt has vanished or been superseded by newer understandings. These attributes are seen as essential characteristics for effective, positive life performances.

Working with students on a continuous basis, schools aim to equip students for their future as:

  • Principled and resilient leaders and collaborators
  • Open and responsive communicators and facilitators
  • Caring and steadfast supporters and advocates
  • Self-directed, insightful investigators and learners
  • Discerning, resourceful problem solvers and implementers
  • Adept, creative producers and contributors

Within the context of the Mission Statement, Faith Lutheran College aims to develop these qualities in all students.

We value the wonderful potential of students of this age and work closely with parents to ensure that we are together, providing the best learning and growing environment, whilst preparing them for the rigours of Senior School.