Support for Night Ninjas

Late last year on the Beveridge Road campus of Faith Lutheran College, Redlands, we began a Social Justice Group with the aim to increase our students’ awareness of the needs of their local community and to discover what we can do to help. Early this year, Alix from Night Ninjas visited the Social Justice Group and shared with us the amazing work she has been able to do for the homeless in the Redlands. She also shared some of the struggles she has had, in meeting the many needs of these people in our local area. As a Social Justice Group it was decided that we would do something to help.

Over the last three months we have been holding Baking Afternoons after school to bake muffins and deliver them to Alix for distribution on a Monday evening. Our other project to support Night Ninjas is to make ‘Survival Backpacks’. Survival backpacks are filled with all the essentials such as socks, hats, tinned food, and hygiene items with the aim to provide a minimum of 50 backpacks to pass onto Alix to show our support.

Items we are asking to be delivered are:

Backpacks (can be used, but in good condition)
Face washers
Soap containers
Bottled water
Nail files
Insect repellent
Non-perishable packaged foods (small biscuit packets, muesli bars etc)
Toilet paper
Band aids
Shaving cream
Ring top tins of food (tuna, baked beans, corn etc)
Brushes and combs
Hand sanitiser
LED torches and batteries (small)
Caps and hats
Baby wipes
Feminine hygiene

To help achieve this goal we are asking each Middle and Senior School student to please make a donation of an item from our list before 14 October 2016. Any donations to help us achieving this goal can be delivered to the Middle School or Senior School offices. We look forward to being able to pack these 50 backpacks full of items early Term 4, to assist Night Ninjas in the awesome work they do for the community.

If you have any questions or ideas, could you please email Helena Lambert at Thank you for your support

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