OP Learning Pathway

Eligible students receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement at the end of their Year 12 studies. The statement includes the student's Overall Position (OP) and Field Positions (FPs). These are used to rank students for entrance to courses at universities, TAFE institutes and other tertiary institutions.

An OP is a student's state-wide rank based on overall achievement in QCAA-approved subjects. It indicates how well the student has done in comparison to all other OP-eligible students in Queensland.

Students are placed in one of 25 OP bands from 1 (highest) to 25 (lowest). In order to achieve an OP1, a student's achievement must be in the top 2% of OP-eligible students in Queensland.

Students who want an OP must study 20 semester units of Authority subjects, including at least three subjects for four semesters each, and must sit the Queensland Core Skills Test.

The Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS) contributes information for the calculation of Overall Positions (OP), which is used to rank students for tertiary entrance. The test is held in Term 3 of students’ Year 12. A student's individual QCS Test result is not used on its own in the calculation of their OP - instead, group results are used as part of the statistical scaling processes. A student's individual result on the QCS Test (from A to E) is reported on the student's Senior Statement or Statement of Results.


An alternative pathway to an OP is through a ranking. Rankings are a score that is determined by either school results or completion of a Certificate III or higher qualification. It is equivalent to an OP; for example, a Certificate III gives a ranking of 68 or OP 15 equivalent. Non-OP students who attain a ranking and meet the institution’s prerequisite requirements can gain entry to a tertiary institution.

OP Learning Pathway Information Booklet