Work Education Learning Pathway

Students will be required to study Religion and Ethics, Mathematics A/Prevocational Mathematics and English/English Communications and up to FOUR other subjects.

Students undertaking this pathway do not require an OP and intend to either enter the workforce or continue tertiary study using their vocational qualification as an entry point.

Students wishing to undertake courses within the Health Hub will be required to undertake a selection process, including an interview.

Options available to students include, but are not limited to:

  • Course work plus work experience.
  • Course work plus school based apprenticeship – 2 week rotation of school and work.
  • Course work plus school based traineeship – 2 week rotation of school and work.
  • Coursework plus off campus learning. Coursework plus on campus learning through Faith Health Hub.
  • Coursework may include Authority (OP) subjects.

Learning/work pathways will be developed with students and parents to assist decision making pathways post-secondary.

Work Education Learning Pathway Information Booklet