Information Services Centre

Information Services Centre - Junior School

To reflect the dynamic nature and changing scope of libraries, we use the term 'Information Services Centre' or ISC at Faith Lutheran College, Redlands. This encourages our community to view the physical spaces, not as storage places for books, but as vibrant learning centres. Our ISC hosts the Chess club, author visits and many other exciting activities.

The Junior School ISC is open every school day from 8.15am to 3.30pm.

Students from Prep to Year 4 have dedicated ISC lessons with a specialist teacher. Students in upper Primary, years 5 and 6, have ISC lessons with their classroom teacher. In these lessons students are shown skills in using the ISC effectively, how to research and become Information Literate.

We teach our students how to locate, select and use information in a productive, discerning and ethical way. Students are encouraged to bring in their Library bags to each ISC lesson where they can spend time selecting books for research or to enjoy at home.

In our ISC we are committed to:

  • Developing a comprehensive and pervasive Information Literacy program to assist our students to become confident life-long learners.
  • Continuing to provide an excellent and diverse collection of information sources that will meet the needs of the 21st century student.
  • Provide a comprehensive, enriching and engaging collection of fiction and nonfiction resources
  • Provide eLearning support to our students and teaching staff

Information Services Centre - Secondary School

The ISC is open on:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7.30am to 4.30pm.
Tuesday and Friday 7.30pm to 3.30pm

Here at Faith Lutheran College, Redlands we recognise that our College ISC is increasingly important to students and staff as we keep pace with technology. Our ISC supports learning across the College by providing accessible resources and integrated IT support.

Our students use eBooks for their textbooks and are given codes at the beginning of each school year to access these online resources.

Our ISC is a social space for students to meet and they are encouraged to read, study, research, play quiet educational games, work on laptops or iPads, group planning and the list goes on. The ISC staff are able to help students at all times with their research, IT support or help finding a good book for recreational reading.

Our ISC is a flexible space where we can have large classes, smaller group lessons and individuals all working together. Students and staff change the space to meet the needs at that time as they have access to the furniture, technology, information and expertise.

The ISC is also available for parents to loan resources from our dedicated Parent Library. For further information please email:

Junior School Online Library Catalog - Oliver

Secondary School Online Library Catalog - Oliver