Learning During Remote Learning

Learning in a Remote Environment

Teachers will create online courses that will be delivered through Microsoft Teams. The courses will contain written instructions and/or video instructions that are shared with students through their Microsoft Teams for that class. The instructions will be provided in weekly blocks of information and will outline activities and tasks for the subject for that week. All work will be uploaded on the Friday prior to the week. This allows students to be more flexible about when, where and how they complete work.

Each Friday teachers will email students within their class to outline the work that is required to be completed in the following week. This email will be also sent to families as well to help them as they support their child’s engagement. Teachers will also contact students during the week to support their progress through the activities.

Weekly Learning Check in

Teachers will arrange a time to catch up with all students in a class through Microsoft Teams Video. The time will be communicated through the weekly email. All students must attend these.

Evidence of Engagement and Learning

Students will be asked to submit a certain number of the tasks they complete each week as a way for teachers to measure their engagement in the learning. In most cases these will be submitted through the ‘Assignments’ tab on Microsoft Teams; however, please be aware that some teachers and classes may use different methods to submit these.

A small portion of these (5 – 10 a term) will be submitted as evidence of learning. Teachers will always highlight which ones these are in advance. The idea is that at the end of term teachers and students will have a portfolio of lots of different smaller pieces of work from which a judgement of their learning can be made for the purpose of reporting. Please be aware this mode of assessment only pertains to Years 7 - 10. However, Year 11 and 12 will need to submit some of their weekly tasks as evidence of engagement in learning.

If you would like further explanation or more detailed information please contact the Deputy Head of Secondary - Learning Mr David Moore.