Yr 10-12

Head of Secondary School

The learning journey of students, as they travel through our College, is one that culminates in their time in the Senior School.

The essential foundation work and valuable building blocks of learning that are created in the Junior and Middle Schools are brought together as students work to further apply their knowledge in their chosen areas of study. In particular, Senior School students seek relevance in their learning as they grow in independence and plan for their transition from their final years of schooling to the world of work or further study. Students in our Senior School have the opportunity to participate in a diversity of rich and relevant learning experiences. These experiences bring individual and shared learning as students engage in Academic, Cultural, Service Learning and Sporting pursuits. Woven together, these form a rich tapestry of learning in the Senior School.

The skills and knowledge developed by each individual student, compliments the nurturing of their character through professional pastoral care with a focus on growing and maintaining positive and healthy relationships. The combination of these curricular and cocurricular facets of learning foster a diversity of developmental assets, a foundation of positive core values, a network of supportive relationships and a range of practical and academic skills that prepare our Senior School students for life.

Stuart Needham