Why I think Faith is a special place.....

"Thanks so much for the role Faith played in helping this group of students complete their schooling. Lachlan has learnt and grown so much since arriving at the college"

- Kelly Ryan
"Thank you Faith for all you have done for my boys over the years"

- Janis Emadian
"It was a wonderful celebration of Noah's years at Faith and we are so very grateful for the special memories we will all cherish"

- Angela Blomfield
"Being a Foundation Student and School Captain of the first graduating class (2007), I was privileged to represent the school at many school and community events. Opportunities were never short coming at my time at Faith. There are many highlights of my time at Faith but a special one was a month long camp at Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre. This time away from home, family and technology not only makes you appreciate them but teaches you life skills. It was such a memorable experience.

Faith has been a part of me and my family’s life for many, many years. Visiting my past teachers or other students at Faith is like old times - like a day hasn’t passed by. My twelve years at Faith Lutheran College, Redlands will always be a highlight of my life"

- Michelle Walters (nee Day)
"Faith Lutheran College, Redlands has always been a special place to me. With its nurturing environment and friendly, community feel, I enjoyed being a student and Vice Captain (2008) and am now honoured to be a member of staff.

I am very grateful for the opportunities offered at Faith, especially the month long Camp in Year 9 to Mount Binga Outdoor Education Centre, where I experienced a lot of self-discovery during my time there. I have met and gained many life-long friends, both students and teachers, whilst at the College. My time at Faith is an experience I will forever remember"

- Julia Lane
"Throughout my time at Faith Lutheran College, Redlands I was provided with opportunities and support to develop skills for my future career. The team environment provided by Faith and the values that were instilled, are ones that have remained with me. My time at Faith provided challenges to push beyond limitations as well as the motivation to achieve success. These attributes helped me to complete a Bachelors Degree in Science as well as excelling in my career.

I'm currently a Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, where as a leader I inspire and influence a team to achieve the mission. I also get to be apart of changes within our Navy in terms of technology, ethos and the way in which we go about warfare.

My career as a Naval Officer offers new challenges everyday and has helped to grow on the base skills that I learnt throughout my time in Faith. These opportunities, risks and skills provided gave me confidence to achieve success later in life and I believe will continue to do so"

- Midshipman Jackson Miller, Maritime Warfare Officer, RAN
"We would just like to thank everyone at Faith for the superb 'Multiple send offs' for the Year 12 students. Pat was supposed to be offshore the night of the formal and took time off the oil rig that he works on, in Darwin, which was very difficult to do as he is on a strict rota. We were both amazed at the organised arrival of the students, and even more impressed with the procedure for the pick up at the Sirromet later that evening.

Unfortunately Pat was absent for the night time awards ceremony, but I took lots of photos and emailed them to him. This too was beautiful. The morning breakfast , the signing out register, the DVD and the final march were emotional, to say the least. The students all looked so proud as they marched out. I have friends with children in the junior school who have asked me for my thoughts regarding sending their child to the upper school.

I have had no doubts in recommending they carry on to the upper school. I have explained to them that Alex has had many ups and downs throughout his years at Faith, as do most teenagers, yet, he has loved being part of your community. We think it has been a fantastic environment for him, just what he needed"

- Katharine, Pat and Alex Boddy
"Once again both Kerry and I would like to commend you and your staff for the organisation of the Year 12 End of Year formalities. We loved sharing the celebrations with Shelley, as we also did with Eve in her final year in 2014.

We would like to thank you for the many opportunities that were presented to Shelley during her school life at Faith. There have been many memorable occasions throughout Junior School, Middle and Senior School including Funfest, School camps, School Band (euphonium for 6 years), Canberra Tour in Year 7 and of course, Mt Binga and School Formal.

Two other significant highlights were the Western Front Tour in 2013 and FLAT to Vanuatu in 2014. Shelley has been truly blessed and enriched to have experienced all these events. Shelley had the privilege of being taught by many caring teachers (and non teaching staff) during her schooling at both campuses at Faith.

We would like to make special mention of Tracey Underhill back in Preschool, Eloise Beveridge and all her Junior School teachers - Jane James, Karly Titmarsh, Bree Holiday, Coreta Pratch (now Lennon), Katrina Holiday (who did an amazing job teaching Shell how to write well), Vicki Gadsdon, Annette Enchelmaier and Jan Hewerdine.

Shell also was blessed with many amazing teachers throughout Middle and Senior School under the watchful care of both Deb Osland and Darren Pope. All these teachers went above and beyond to bring out the best in Shelley, having a positive impact on her.We would also like to specially acknowledge the work of Tony Longmire in his genuine respect and authentic connection with the students and his approachable manner.

Our prayer is that Faith will continue to grow from strength to strength, as you continue to expose and demonstrate to the students entrusted to you, the Christian teachings of the Bible, as well as providing a caring, safe and nurturing environment that brings about the best educational outcomes for each student.

We are excited for Shelley as she enters the next phase of her life, but are also saddened that she will no longer be in the safety of school. Both our daughters have had great experiences at Faith. Thank you for giving both Eve and Shelley an excellent educational foundation"

- Kerry and Kris Christie - 25 November 2015