Faith Lutheran College, Redlands aims for all students across Prep – Year 12 to develop a compassionate understanding of active Christian service. Students and staff work together to serve others using heads, hearts and hands.

All members of the Faith community are challenged to develop a consciousness of the welfare needs of and issues in our Redlands community, in Australia and overseas with the purpose of practically serving Christ by actively responding through ‘hands-on’ ministry.

Throughout each year students will engage in various service projects that include raising funds for various organisations, working alongside others, learning about the plights of those less fortunate than ourselves and providing a service to others.

The College supports the work of Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) and hosts an annual Awareness Day to provide students with simulated activities and learning opportunities to create an understanding of challenges others face. The annual ‘Gifts of Grace’ appeal is also supported by students and families in the College.

Students are invited to contribute to our weekly offering at Junior School Worship, these offerings are used to support the sponsorship of a World Vision Sponsor Child.