Camping Program

Excursion and Outdoor Education Program

Faith Lutheran College, Redlands offers an exciting Excursion and Outdoor Education program throughout the junior years of school. Camps, excursions and incursions by students of the Junior School have an instrumental role in their social development, providing a base for an understanding of the importance of effective team work and co-operation.

In addition, staff recognise the learning value of the experiences our students have outside of the college grounds. Such programs directly contribute to the development of student understandings, skills and attitudes. The provision of opportunities for students to learn from the wider community builds on and reinforces the school curriculum and values.

Ties to Classroom Learning

Each year level carefully plans an excursion/incursion program that will support and challenge the learning that takes place within the classroom. To compliment this, students in Years 3-6 are also involved in an Outdoor Education Program. These learning experiences are designed to strengthen and enrich the teamwork and leadership skill development of our learners and offer lifelong learning opportunities for all those who participate.

It is expected that all students will attend camps, excursions and incursions. Classroom learning will make reference to these events and build on the experiences gained. They are one of the highlights of the School year for the students and contribute greatly to their sense of being a part of our College community.

Program Inclusions

Year 3 Day Camp to PGL Kindilan Outdoor Education and Conference Centre

Year 4 Camp (3 days) to Luther Heights Youth Camp, Coolum

Year 5 Camp (3 days) to QCCC Tamborine Mountain

Year 6 Camp (5 days) to Canberra coordinated by Kangaroo Bus Lines