Robotics Club

Robotics combines skills from mechanical and electrical engineering with computer science to design, build and operate autonomous or semi-autonomous “artificial agents”.

This year, students in the Middle and Senior Schools have the opportunity to learn about robotics in our lunch-time Robotics Club. The goal of the club is to expose the students to the hardware and software of elementary robotics. The first of these projects, and the major focus for 2015 is the whiteboard robotic clock.

Whiteboard Clock

The students are designing the various parts in a 3D modelling program. They will then create these parts using the College’s 3D printers. After that, they will build the electronic control system and write the programs to control it. This is both a challenging and rewarding project.

It is hoped that, as the Robotics Club grows over time, other more challenging and equally engaging projects will be added to its repertoire.