Secondary School Curriculum

The Secondary School provides a curriculum that transitions students smoothly from Years 7 to 12. It is designed to be reflective of the adolescent years when students are going through rapid physical and emotional change whilst still preparing students for their appropriate pathway and the rigours of Year 11 and 12.

The College sees each student as unique and offers an education program that will allow each student to develop their God-given abilities as fully as possible.

The College offers students and families:

  • A caring and supportive Christian community
  • Committed and competent Christian staff
  • Innovative, new and exciting best practice in developing new facilities
  • High expectations for all in the community
  • A broad range of experiences and subjects including Vocational Education and Training pathways.

Our educational philosophy revolves around the belief that every child has the right to reach his or her potential in terms of the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life and, that these attainments, skills and attitudes be used in developing and strengthening positive relationships with others in society.

Student and Parent Resources