Year 7- Solid Foundations

Year 7 - Skills for Secondary Success

Our Secondary School learning journey commences in Year 7, where students undertake a vast array of subjects in a Christ-Centred contemporary learning environment. At Faith, our students are immersed in spaces which creatively provoke learning. Our agile and contemporary classroom settings allow students to have ownership of their education and encourages autonomous learning. We recognise that learning needs to evolve and prepare students for a rapidly changing world in which skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking and communication are imperative.

In Year 7, we have a project-and enquiry-based approach which requires a different way of teaching where students can immerse themselves, research, experiment, make and present across all core subjects. We believe that it is essential to see that the learning space, the students and the teaching are all interdependent and complementary.

We believe that the relationships that students develop are crucial to their sense of wellbeing and their standing within our Faith community. We have daily Pastoral Care Group (PCG) times which allows students to cultivate a positive mindset and progress skills that will assist in their social and emotional development. Within these times, we work with the Learning Curve program, which is designed to build healthy, positive and resilient students. This program also assists our students to recognise how to deal with problems when they arise. In conjunction with our pastoral care program is the Restorative Practice Framework. At Faith, we encourage students to be safe, respectful learners who build, repair and maintain healthy relationships. We believe that by implementing this approach, we will maximise teaching and learning outcomes by creating a more positive school culture.

Our aim in Year 7 is to teach students the skills they need throughout their time at the Secondary School.

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