Principal's Welcome.

What skills competencies values and attitudes will the students who graduate from our College in 2027 need? The majority of the students at Faith will graduate in the 2020s with the current Prep class finishing in 2027. That’s a sobering thought as we consider the world at the moment and the rate of change, an exponential rate of change that is occurring.

Faith has the vision to be a dynamic Christian learning community embracing innovation service, global thinking and excellence. This vision combined with our values provide our foundational direction moving into the future for our students and community. The vision statement has been very carefully crafted through many consultation sessions, engagement with our community, and feedback from our parent, student and staff groups in particular, with each word being full of meaning and purpose combined with a call to action.

Faith is proving to be a dynamic community, moving with purpose and innovation, responding to current and future needs while holding firm to the crucial values that our students must have.

Community has always been a huge strength of Faith and the added component of being a learning community is most important for our students. As a learning community the vital competencies of collaboration, cooperation, and team focus are added to the essential learnings that our students need. This is learning for all in the community. We understand that we all need to continue to grow and learn throughout our lives, especially as we deal with the nature of an ever changing world.

Service has always been a big part of Faith and we acknowledge this in our vision statement and make a determination to continue to build this into our programs and the very fabric of who we are, and what we do. This meshes splendidly with being globally minded, and outward looking, but the global thinking aspects are more far reaching as well. The cliché of it being a shrinking world has never been more pronounced, with the opportunities that present themselves to our students while at the College and then as they move out into the world. Preparing our students to be global citizens is essential and the College will weave these learnings into our program and community.

Excellence is the final word of our vision statement. It is a reference to all aspects of school life. It not only refers to high standards of academic achievement but strong values, high levels of effort, behaviour and the Christian values of; compassion, service, humility, forgiveness, justice and love.

An enthusiastic and committed Christian staff, together with the community has developed a comprehensive curricular and co-curricular program to meet the various student needs within our Christian context. It is wonderful to be part of a Christian community which constantly reflects to seek improvement, is dynamic in development and innovation in the pursuit of current best practice, all in a context which places Christian pastoral care of students as its highest priority.

We thank our community for their support and look forward enthusiastically to Faith’s future as a dynamic Christian learning community embracing innovation, service, global thinking and excellence.

Shane Altmann