Secondary News T1 W4 2021

Student Voice

Providing students with the opportunity to input into our vision for the Secondary School is a vital part of what we do. It gives students ownership and an added sense of pride in the College. Over the last few years the College has provided avenues for student voice in many different areas. These are just a few:

  • Student Representative Council provides an avenue for student voice via elected students from each class.
  • Room Colours - Students have been asked to research colours that support positive mood and increased learning. These colour selections have then been used to paint several areas of the College.
  • Fitness Equipment – Students were surveyed on the type of equipment they wanted to be installed.
  • Staff Appointments – A panel of Year 10 students were trained to conduct interviews of new staff and provide feedback on suitability.
  • Designing Areas – Year 12 Design students created plans for the new Hospitality kitchen.

In 2021, the Secondary School is launching a new avenue for student voice. Each week the Deputy Heads of Secondary (Mr Longmire and Mr Moore), myself and our College Principal (Mr Altmann) will be meeting with a randomly selected group of students (one from each PCG Class) to workshop and provide feedback on some of the key projects happening around the Secondary School.

This week was the first Student Voice meeting for 2021. Students discussed the type of subjects and things they would like the College to add to its curriculum. The feedback provided was amazing. The aim of this group is for every student to have attended a Student Voice meeting before the end of the year.

Stuart Needham
Head of Secondary