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Mt Binga - Outdoor Education Centre Camp

Year 9 Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre, 20km west of Blackbutt, is owned, run and staffed by Immanuel Lutheran College. The four week Mt Binga Camp provides our students with the unique opportunity of connecting with nature, away from the trappings of life in the 2000s. Experiencing clear, crisp starry nights with only the sounds of the bush to lull campers to sleep is something many don’t experience in a lifetime.

The program includes a busy schedule through the week, with weekends dedicated to clothes washing, rest and recreation and Sunday worship.

Campers are accommodated in cabins offering comfortable beds, a dining room and attached kitchen and bathrooms. Daily chores and activities for the camp are rostered among the cabin groups. Activities in the program include horse riding, high ropes, tending to cattle, feeding chickens and collecting eggs, tending the vegetable patch, hiking, camping out in groups, and solo, project work and learning bush craft.

Life skills such as cooking and cleaning are an integral part of each camper’s every day routine. A high ratio of staff to campers ensures that our students are well instructed, monitored and cared for.

Mt Binga provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. The change of pace allows students a chance to reflect and re-discover quiet, personal time. Learning and living together in ‘God’s Great Outdoors’ enables prayer and worship to take place in unique places; a reminder that God walks alongside us at all times. It also teaches students to be reliant on community effort and enables students to recognise their own individual strengths and gifts thus allowing them to build confidence and self-esteem. Such an opportunity also enables the development of new life skills.

Mt Binga's mailing address is:

Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre, MS 2161, Blackbutt Q 4314

Mail is delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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