At FLCR we pride ourselves in providing a learning centre that is flexible and engaging for all students. Allowing students to have a voice in their education is key to their learning and engagement.Inspired by student involvement, FLCR develops a love of learning and is an integral component of personal excellence across all facets of school life.

The development of students so that they are creative and curious learners who are confident problem solvers who can work collaboratively and independent, seeking feedback for improvement to further learning is a key element for FLCR.

Year 7 - The Foundation

The Foundation Year at FLCR is designed for students to meet the demands of learning through a collaborative approach to learning for which students have a voice and can advocate and choose how what and when they want to learn.

The students learn the Australian curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science and HaSS through a ‘Core’ class that allows for flexibility of time, resources and teachers.Students can choose through a range of learning activities, how, when and what they are going to learn through a consultative process with their teachers. Other specialist subjects include Health and Physical education, Japanese and Christian Studies.

During this foundational year students experience a variety of elective subjects of Technology and Design, Creative Textiles, Hospitality, Dance and Visual Art .

Most work is completed though an Inquiry and Project Based Learning approach which provides students with freedom of choice, ongoing feedback and progressive improvement.

We dedicate ourselves to building an aspirational and responsive school that ignites a love of learning and celebrates personal excellence in all its many forms. Year 7 builds this foundation of engagement providing a platform of success in the Secondary Years.

Years 8 - 10: MyPath@Faith

Traditional schooling is a tiered and fixed system of learning where students are grouped by their age. This system of learning has never reflected the vastly different learning needs of students of a comparative age but has been the dominant model for schools for generations. Many schools now recognise there are far better ways to cater for, and inspire, student learning in all its forms.

Schools today also have greater access to tracking data on learning. The data available and other relevant information can tell lots about each student’s individual learning journey. This information can then be used to help parents, students and teachers plan a unique, meaningful and challenging learning program for each student.

FLCR understands that not all students are given the same gifts and talents across all curriculum areas. Some students are gifted in the Arts while some are gifted in Mathematics or English. Initially the MyPath@Faith is a program designed to allow every student to access learning in Mathematics and English that is appropriate and personalised for their needs. This approach to personalised learning is not a recent idea. It has its roots in the best practices in education and has the capacity to let each student’s learning experience be one that promotes growth and success, by providing an educational path that reflects each student’s needs, interests, abilities and aspirations. Over time the MyPath@Faith program will be expanded to include all subject areas in Years 8 - 10.


Each student has a personalised learning pathway they select for the three years in the areas of Mathematics and English. These principles are based upon, Progressive Attainment Through Holistic learning.


MyPath@Faith allows students to progress through the curriculum at a level that they are understand and learn.


MyPath@Faith gives students the confidence to achieve and attain learning so that that they are challenged in the curriculum


MyPath@Faith allows a personalise pathway though the Australian curriculum navigating between levels depending on the topics being studied and the level of understanding.


MyPath@Faith is a three - year program not just a year-to-year progression. The structure of the personalised learning means that the completion of the program is just as important as the day-to-day learning. Over time this program will be expanded across all subject areas providing students with the opportunity to create THEIR OWN PATH

Students study Maths and English over 3 years working through a possible 4 levels based upon the Australian Curriculum. Students are able to move up or down a level depending on the topic studied and their level of understanding matched with a ‘Level’.Students have a voice about their learning and can advocate with their learning mentor for the level of study they would like to work at for each topic.

Levels of Learning

Level 1: This is the start of the program aimed at students who have just completed the foundational year at FLCR.

Level 2: At the completion of this level students will be ½ way through the Australian curriculum for years 8-10.

Level 3: Students have completed the all the requirements of the Australian Curriculum to a satisfactory standard. Those who attain this level will be well prepared for General Mathematics and General English as Year 11 subjects.

Level 4: Students have completed the all the requirements to the Australian Curriculum to at least a satisfactory standard, they have also completed extension work designed to challenge them at a standard above the Year 10 curriculum. Those who attain this level will be well prepared for General Mathematics and General English as Year 11 subjects along with having the foundational knowledge to complete Mathematical Methods and English Literature.